This little blog was intended to share some of my thoughts about technology, content… and maybe other topics.  E-mail soon fell short as an appropriate tool for the kind of stuff I was exchanging with other people.  I started this page aiming it to some friends and colleagues that would not be extremely harsh or demanding at me…or so I hoped.

Having been fiddling around with digital content technologies and networks for 20+ years, developed into me the urge to write something about them.


About my ‘professional me’ :

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/adolfo-m-rosas/58/48b/b12 .

I have a 6 year degree (MS) in Telecommunications Engineering .  I have run a great variety of positions from lab engineer to Senior Manager  in the field of content & networks in a big Telco for 20+ years. Also worked some time for big and small internet streaming video companies..

About my ‘personal me’:

Born in Madrid, Spain. I have worked & lived in Madrid , London(UK), back to Madrid.   I’m father of two very young girls. I like reading and sometimes  writing or lecturing about content distribution and media networking. I also like reading math, popular science and English literature from XII century to modern age.

I like encoding video and I can affirm we live in interesting times now with 4K +HDR increasing their acceptance and some new promises (8K, better HDR, VR, AR) round the corner.

Thank you all for your interest , patience and support.

Adolfo M. Rosas

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